Killen Treemont Covenant Prophet (killen_prophet) wrote in ruinists,
Killen Treemont Covenant Prophet

Conundrum in the doldrums

So I ripping cd's with a nice new Easy CD-DA Extractor I stole from Hayden, it rips cd's without having to listen to them. And I ripped nine inch Nail's Fixed album, but have come to an impasse.
If I rip it at a variable bitrate, it's 56.5 MB for the whole album, and sounds sweet.
But at 160kbps, it also sounds sweet, with damned near no audio difference, and that makes the album 46.1 MB total.

So, go for variable, or 160kbps high? It's getting about time to get rid of our 128kbps mp3's, anyways. I've destroyed my 112's.
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