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(Everything, Everything)^4 * (I'm Invisible + An Eraser Of Love) = Cowgirl

Remember when hearing that song come onto the radio in POS caused all of us to shut the hell up and just cruise? We owned everything we laid our eyes on. Jobs, people, accruements, games, fun. Top of the world, best times of our lives. Admit it. Is there another point in Ruinism that you look back on more fondly than the first 3 RC's?

Then it all went away. We're now secluded, smaller groups. People are making their own "like, do not like" groups. Most of our original amiability with everyone in our group is lost. No plans for RC5, nothing for me to come back to. It's irritating knowing that all of the plans we made to move out of RC4 and get another place fell dead after we cleaned out RC4. I have no clue if the Colony even is seeking me out to destroy my credit because of damages.

No life, no future.

I'm going to have to kick your collective asses to get you people in gear in order to get anything done. I'm already geared up towards a job tip that Zen gave me. We can get a place, we're just being lazy. Screw that, I want a place I can live at with my friends, damned as you all are.
I'll be back in a week.
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