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[10 Nov 2003|06:26am]

Dammit, my phone died.
On the other end of my phone, Scott is very drunk, and probably yelling at his phone for sucking. Sorry, Scott.
One of the interesting things he said in his drunken rambles (maybe to not be taken as full face value, but nonetheless) is that Pud missed me. So in return, I will miss Pud. Or maybe I missed him already! Nya-ha!

So currently, we have all sorts of bills, fun tons of slackers with no money, (go go gadget-emptywallet!) all sorts of fuct up drama like crap. Makes me wish I was there, helping, or not helping towards any and all of this.

James C. Allen
Ruinist Number 9
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[30 Apr 2003|04:08pm]

Sarah and I are willing to go rescue Pud, but we need someone can help with gas money. We estimated about $50 for gas round trip. I have a quarter and some lint.

Anyone wanna help out so we can have Pud back?
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... [08 Jan 2003|03:51pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Well, here's my last post as admin of the community. Being an admin was keeping me from being able to leave the community myself, as a lot of other people have done, having been driven away by petty stupidity and elitism.

My life has been quite affected in the past few months by these kind of beliefs from people. People using their influence to divide and seperate people just because they don't like them, and all in the mighty name of Ruinism™.

Well i'm tired of it. I was tired of it then, and i'm tired of it now.

Maybe someday some people will get off their damned pedestals and realise that we're people too, and they'll stop alienating their friends, and maybe they won't die alone because no one was good enough to be their friends.

As my last action here as admin, aside from removing myself, i'll also be removing a few other people whom have asked to be removed so they don't have to deal with the petty shite that is modern Ruinism™.

Today, the community says goodbye to divinus, nichan, rinae, and orangerynd with special thanks to elitist bullshit! way to go you two!

This now leaves three people who actually care about the community! I am not sure what foonix, killen_prophet, and tesla are going to talk about, but i'm sure all three of them will have much better conversations now that everyone else has been driven off.

Ruinsim, the good Ruinism that is, died a long time ago. It was only a matter of time before ruinists followed suite. Maybe now your job is finished you bastards.

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[08 Jan 2003|02:02pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Ok.. since no one seems to be using this space for anything productive, I'll try to get the ball rolling. First of all, I'm starting to feel the strain on my budget caused by the storage building. Can someone please take as much of that stuff off of my hands as possible? It's costing me $110/month to keep what's left of rc4. If someone is about to start an rc5 that's cool, but I'm really trying to save money for a house. I expect it will take me about $10,000 for a down payment on a reasonably sized house that (might be rc5), and I'm paying $1,200/year just to keep a bunch of old ratty furniture around. If there is any way we can move it out or just trash it that'd help me out a lot.

Please reply with your opinions

I think a lot of the big stuff like couches might be disposable because people throw that kind of stuff away all the time. The blue bunk bed is still usable is still ok with some minor repairs (plywood works) but it's too big to fit in the K3 basement. All of the little boxes like dishes and stuff can go in K3's basement.

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... [07 Jan 2003|10:39pm]

[ mood | sickly ]

clean up time.

since there is no such thing as a ruinist commune anymore, all persons who were here solely because they were a member of one have been removed.

The only people still here are those whom are well established ruinists and those voted on. If anyone has a problem with anyone on this list, post so and it'll be taken care of. Of coruse, if anyone has nominations for anyone who wants to join this goddess forsaken community, then they can speak up too.

divinus, foonix, kailei, killen_prophet, neph, orangerynd, outis, pudicus, skithee, tesla, varient, xellinus.

"Little lord fauntleroy sat on a throne, little lord fauntleroy died there alone..."

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[07 Jan 2003|07:41am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Well, apparently it is a problem whom has the ability to start new posts here. (wank wank)

Let the witch hunt begin. If anyone hates anyone else and wants them removed, say so and give reasons, then everyone else can agree, disagree, whatever the fuck they want.

Not like it matters much. Must of the posts start with myself, nine and kaly.

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[21 Dec 2002|05:08am]

You know, maybe if people actually talked to each other instead of divided into camps, we wouldn't have to go out and forge RC 4.2 to make up for the near 5 to 6 months without a commune. Fuck this pidilly 3 house bullshit, what the fuck are we, the united states government?
Yes, I know, I shouldn't even open my mouth and die in obscurity. Leave your hatred/disdain/dislike of other ruinists at the door, and you will be welcome in 4.2. Otherwise, go get your mind jacked.

IMPORTANTE !!! [12 Dec 2002|12:07pm]

[ mood | humble ]

Okay, for anyone i don't get ahold of in another way:

My mother and I will be appearing in the Circuit Court of St. Charles County in five days, the 17th of December because we are now being prosecuted for the rent and damages still due from summer of 2001 at rc3. It will be 2003 in a few weeks time, meaning this is a year and a half overdue.

Thats not a good thing.

I know this is holiday season and all, but now more than ever we -really- need to collect money from people on this, because the courts can order forclosures if we can't pay.

This means the Sahr clan could lose their house, the former rc2, because of a months rent and a year of damages at rc3.

Homelessness is kinda scary.

rc3 peoples:

At last count, I still owe $197.00 for myself and terra. I will take care of that with my last paycheque from Convergys.

Cody, you owe $457.00. I know your job doesn't pay much, but your costs of living are pretty low too. Please give what you can.

Kaly, $507.70. Like cody, i know your job doesn't pay well, you have few hours and you have rent and stuff. Please, whatever you can give.

Karen, $532.00. I don't know if you still read this or if you'll see this or not. I'm glad we're on good terms these days. I don't know anything about how your income is these days, but even $100 would help right now, or $200 or whatever you have. Eventually we need all of it, but maybe we can push them off if we pay half up front or something.

Pud, $445.20. I know you have solid long term employment and few expenses. I don't know how soon you'll have money, but the sooner the better.

Tim, $495.00, I know you're kinda helping to hold up some of KKK there, but as a server i also know you can make damned good money.

Xell, you only still owe $96.25, and you make a hell of a lot more money than everyone else here. (ie, you make that much in two days at work) And as sure as that Zaurus is in your hands, i know you have the ability to pay this, please help out.

HoR, KKK residents and Ruinist associates:

I don't know how many of you got to enjoy rc3 or rc2 per se, but if you can help out, maybe let the indebted people you live with borrow money and see if they'll get you back in the next few weeks, etc.

I'm going to be in court this coming Tuesday. I hope by then you guys have pulled together and gotten as much of this together so we can have something before the courts start ordering reposessions and forclosures.

Sides, you all know pat would be all bitchy trying to sleep in the snow, and Wah-Lee would play up to the old crazy homeless guy stereotype too well.

giki shijiki, all.

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[02 Oct 2002|07:00pm]

So who exactly ist coming to Archon, and who is doing what there?
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[30 Sep 2002|04:35pm]

So I gets a call back from Michael's craft barnery for an interview at 11:00 tomorrow, on the first. I might be going to Archon. I'm still tossing up wether or not I should move. To Kansas. I have barely any clue what I'm doing or wanting.
Spend a good chunk of last night talking about how much separatism the ruinists have suffered as of late. Things people did that started an apparent downfall, until we slid into the rut we ae now in. Granted, we can get out. But nobody cares, nor gives a shit. Let's all sit on our thumbs and twiddle them unto oblivion. Let's all separate ourselves until we only travel in groups of two, whom will snub their noses at others because "they don't like them" and would rather it stay that way instead of finding the root of such dislike and killing the motherfuck.
I would almost rather drop a place here, a job, and my friends and move, rather than sit here, work, and watch my friends divide and unconquer themselves into a bunch of people who use my listening ear to talk about how much they dislike X ruinist, rather than SAY IT TO THEIR FACE, because deep down inside, we're all still nerds whom got picked on in school one way or another, and if we're going to just chalk what we had up to huddling together for protection until we got out into "TEH WORLD" then fuck you all. I consider a lot of the people reading this a friend in at least one aspect, if not infinitely more. If I have something to say about you, I say it. If I dislike something, people tend to know. Hence, I'm a fucker, a bastard, a sharp tongue. It almost makes me dislike telling the truth, even if it is how I see it. At least I communicated. At least I gave half a fuck to say something, rather than draw lines. And I give a lot of you more credit than you deserve. Some of you aren't that well liked by the majority of our group. I still give you somewhat of a chance. Who the fuck still talks to you even though everyone thinks you fucked someone over? Who the fuck still fixes what you use the most even though everyone else would laugh at your lack of knowledge? Who the fuck else would buy imitation SPAM and leave it in the fridge until some hapless fool devours it during a fit of hunger? Who will sit there and play a game with you, even though everyone else won't, because you "suck the fun out of every game?" I'm sorry for caring in my own methods. I'll try to not do it in the future. I'll just snoop about, talking to hidden ears of how much I 'dislike' you and how 'bad' you ae/have become/have been/have done/will be. I sincerely do not want to be around for the downfall of Ruinism. We lost our will to do things together, like we used to. We lost our Commune, like we used to have. We lost everyone being fine with everyone, that flew out the fucking window real quick. Damned are we whom can't arise above petty squabbles.
See, now you people have me forgetting how to format my paragraphs, creating a run-on paragraph. How Anne Rice of me. But seriously. Think real hard before you reply, if you fuckers even care enough. Good luck to you all. We'll need it.
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Conundrum in the doldrums [08 Sep 2002|07:40pm]

So I ripping cd's with a nice new Easy CD-DA Extractor I stole from Hayden, it rips cd's without having to listen to them. And I ripped nine inch Nail's Fixed album, but have come to an impasse.
If I rip it at a variable bitrate, it's 56.5 MB for the whole album, and sounds sweet.
But at 160kbps, it also sounds sweet, with damned near no audio difference, and that makes the album 46.1 MB total.

So, go for variable, or 160kbps high? It's getting about time to get rid of our 128kbps mp3's, anyways. I've destroyed my 112's.
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o, woe ist me, I am nihil [03 Sep 2002|05:21pm]

Doing a nice Google search on "Ruinism" (I get bored, and like to see if it's in use elsewhere, and it is. Ruinism in Australia is the feeling you get before you know something is going to be ruined. How... true.) I found a nice LJ link.


My dearest friends and Ruinists: We have been given honors.
We're officially part of the history of the "Ljdrama" community. We should be proud of the fact that we're dramatic enough to make it into said esteemed community. Before some people *coughKALYcough* rant that we're being spied on or flames them back, read their community. We do fit the mold they have set. I suggest joining their community, as I have with my integernine account.

Big Brother Is Watching!
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PSA [01 Sep 2002|09:40am]

[ mood | helpful ]

In case y'all don't know, this weekend is the Japanese Festival at the gardens. Monday is the last day. Good food and nifty music. That is all.

(Note: I didn't check the board first, so if I'm repeating something, eh)


[02 Aug 2002|03:07pm]

[ mood | productive ]

If you want any money outta me, you gotta readCollapse )

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... [24 Jul 2002|12:57am]

[ mood | administratively ]

All you kids who were members but couldn't post now can. Sorry about the delay. Thanks to rinae for reminding me.

Now go forth and propogate.

Oh, and a moment of silence in rememberance of sacredpsycho.

(Everything, Everything)^4 * (I'm Invisible + An Eraser Of Love) = Cowgirl [21 Jul 2002|03:56pm]

[ mood | Reclined ]

Remember when hearing that song come onto the radio in POS caused all of us to shut the hell up and just cruise? We owned everything we laid our eyes on. Jobs, people, accruements, games, fun. Top of the world, best times of our lives. Admit it. Is there another point in Ruinism that you look back on more fondly than the first 3 RC's?

Then it all went away. We're now secluded, smaller groups. People are making their own "like, do not like" groups. Most of our original amiability with everyone in our group is lost. No plans for RC5, nothing for me to come back to. It's irritating knowing that all of the plans we made to move out of RC4 and get another place fell dead after we cleaned out RC4. I have no clue if the Colony even is seeking me out to destroy my credit because of damages.

No life, no future.

I'm going to have to kick your collective asses to get you people in gear in order to get anything done. I'm already geared up towards a job tip that Zen gave me. We can get a place, we're just being lazy. Screw that, I want a place I can live at with my friends, damned as you all are.
I'll be back in a week.

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[04 Jun 2002|04:01am]

Commune of the fourth, Ruinist Living Quarters Status ReportCollapse )

The best things in life are free... [29 May 2002|02:27am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Per xellinus' request:

                 Ruinist Commune 3 Final Payment Plans                  
                  Basis For Amounts Due And Summaries               
  Name    Damages   Rent      Deposit Amt Due   Amt Pd  Amt Owed  Complete  
  Anadis  $183.75   $42.00    $50.00  $175.75   $62.50  $113.25   35.562% 
  Cody    $183.75   $373.95   $50.00  $507.70   $50.00  $457.70   9.848%  
  Kaly    $183.75   $373.95   $0.00   $557.70   $50.00  $507.70   8.965%  
  Karen   $183.75   $373.95   $0.00   $557.70   $25.00  $532.70   4.483%  
  Pud     $183.75   $373.95   $50.00  $507.70   $62.50  $445.20   12.310% 
  Terra   $183.75   $0.00     $50.00  $133.75   $50.00  $83.75    37.383% 
  Tim     $183.75   $373.95   $0.00   $557.70   $62.50  $495.20   11.207% 
  Xell    $183.75   $0.00     $50.00  $133.75   $37.50  $96.25    28.037% 
  Total   $1,470.00 $1,911.75 $250.00 $3,131.75 $400.00 $2,731.75 12.772% 
                                  Monthly Payment Details                 
Date        Anadis  Cody    Kaly    Karen   Pud     Terra   Tim     Xell    Total
2001.09.15  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $100.00
2001.10.15  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $25.00  $0.00   $100.00
2001.11.15  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $0.00   $25.00  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $100.00
2001.12.15  $25.00  $12.50  $12.50  $0.00   $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50  $100.00
Total       $62.50  $50.00  $50.00  $25.00  $62.50  $50.00  $62.50  $37.50  $400.00

also available in Excel format!

We have made four payments so far. Kaly collected funds for all four, and delivered the last two to the pavilian, i delivered the first two.
Karen sent me $40 for a payment, but I lost that (my only lost funds ever. =~~), so i'm replacing it with my own funds. The next $40 I put towards the rc3 account will be deducted from the amount that karen owes. I'm also paying for terra since she let me stay with her in Seattle, and provided me with fundz, yo.

Also, I don't know if i mentioned this, but we hit our one year anniversary for past due utility bills at rc3 this month.

[16 May 2002|07:44pm]

victorian village townhomes

windham chase apartments

westbrooke apartments

autumn oaks apartments

town and four apartments

oakbrook gardens apartments

sierra villa apartments

that is a list of apartments that i found, that may be suitable, in a quick search before a nap. check 'em out if you want. i'll start getting in depth and calling tomorrow.

For fucking fuck's fucking fucking fuck fuck's fucking fuck's sake. [09 May 2002|08:21am]

Okay, okay... I go to bed hearing murmurings of this crap, and wake up. Sure enough, it's friends versus friends. Just what I expected.

I would like to point out that despite what I have done and what I have heard half of you have done, I could give a shit because you people tend to look past that, except for RIGHT NOW. If this turns into a friend versus friend argument, I will pack up quietly, call my grandmother/random relative, and leave you all to squabble... I'm tired of being neutral party and wishing things weren't as shitty as they are.

Sweet flaming Jesus H. Christ.

No lj cut to follow, forgot how, and quite frankly, I want you people to pen LJ and go "BOOM! Nine posted! BOOYAH!"

I will voice my opinions on this whole situation, and if some people are offended by what I say, then maybe you should say "Hey. Cody, whom generally acts like an asshole but does so in a joking manner, and usually is a fun person to be around because he is around his friends, is actually hating something I do. Maybe I should take a good look at what I say before it comes out and we have a rift between our friends."

First. Terra, if you are going to tell people who have been supporting you and cheering you on to fuck off because they have an opinion, then you can take your own fuck off advice. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but we really don't need this taking sides attitude right now. Your statements are the equivalent of someone annoying (like Gary) running around and yelling "CROTCH" really loud while people are trying to figure out where people are going.

Second. Tonya, I know many people have a hate/love relationship with you... and you are in the middle of a lot of things, I'm sorry to say.. people have split up in opinions for and against you. I wanted to remain neutral, but it's affecting my other friends, too. I can generally ignore what people do, because I'm just as bad, but... you lost the respect of Billy and Scott, two of the more forgiving people among us, and that says something. I know they aren't going to ever see you the same, nor be able to forgive you, and that puts a strain on people whom want to be able to have everyone around (i.e. Pud, and surprisingly, myself among others.) I wish it were different, but it's not.

Third. Neph. In an effort not to fan fire, please don't point out to Terra that "You're not living at RC4, which she promised to leave. Don't go assuming things about a situation you don't know about." Technically, you also are not living here, and I don't know how much you know about said situation... just a pointer, you gluteus tube of goo. I'm yelling at you for posting in this like it was a flame forum and we don't know each other. We're trying to get everything situated, and the more support, the better. And you are not a fat pope, don't go about declaring things sacred and blessed and excommunicated. Not unless you get a black pope outfit. Then we'll consider it.

Fourth. Scott. I know you and Joy need to finish college, and that it affects your living arrangements with your friends. But, you should ignore us until you get your own life situated, then when you're done, you can enjoy yourself more. I'm fine with the rut I'm in. I'd love to go to college, but hey. I suck. And what else will I learn about fixing comps? And this bickering between you and Tonya... we need to get everyone together and air it out, it's getting stale... I dislike seeing you get this pissed. It's not how you usually are.

Fifth. Chris. He is busting his ass to get a place, and we're fucking it up. His effort for a place he won't be at is commendable, and I'm glad everyone is seeing this. But for god's sake, the less people we have in RC5, the harder it will be to get people to be on the lease... right now, we have one. 1. Rich. That's it, out of 4 or so we needed 2-3 days ago. Chris wants to be with joy, and his friends, in that order. He has come across the river almost every day to see both without complaint or bitch, because he likes us that much. And we've fucked his credit (by trusting a Sahr with money, heh) and we're fucking his effort right now. Stop it. Each and every one of you.

Sixth. Richie-boy. Someone needs to register Rich on Livejournal so he can comment on this... he is all for his credit being on the line and getting a place with us. He reminds me of Scott before we spoiled his sanity. He is the highest ranked person that is not a Ruinist I would want in RC5, and I know that offends the lot of you.

7th. Kaly/Tim, or the entity known as Taly or Kim. Now that Chris/Billy aren't coming or are considering it, then I think the only person whom doesn't want her to come is Scythe. And sometimes, myself. Again, I wish everyone could cramp in, but it'd be easier on a lot of people if they separated, and we really need to figure out how said separation will go.] And I think you would agree with me,having a mutual dislike of each other half the time. I don't mind living with you both, except for some nitpicks, like Tim's chore refusal, and you're bitching versus talking, but then again, I look around and half-agree with your views.

8th. Billy. He wants to be with Scott, which is his choice, considering they are best friends. Hell, I'd love to live with the lot of you, having Pud instead of zany ass Chris is taxing on the logic sometimes, you red bastard. But I agree with Tesla in one respect: We need to get the commune with all of the ruinists, just like we all dreamed. And then possibly some others, SHOULD EVERYONE AGREE. none of this "I'm living here now, I'm a ruinist now, then I fuck up and everyone has to deal with it" bullshit. It usually takes one month or so living with someone before we see what they are like. Point in case, I dislike Gary's actions 80% of the time now, because he dropped on us for a month. I was fine with him as a visitor, but then he got way too annoying. If Billy wants to go to a small commune of people, then more power to him. And if there is room for two more, take Pud and Scythe, I'll deal with the other assholes with an iron fist.

9th. Gary. Please stop coming over only to use our inet and steal cigarettes. It's old. Go get a job, instead of hiding at the commune away from your parents.

10th. Pud. Someone needs to ask him where he wants to live, and someone needs him to read this trite bullshit. (Referring to the other posts, not mine, you bastards.)

XI. Casper. Eh. I'm neutral, but if he goes with Kaly, more power to him, I'll keep ICQ'ing you nun porn.

12th. Chuck. Bah, people. What happened to 1 month no rent? We're degenerating, that's what. Hard times equals we need money. I have nothing against him, except for singing loudly while drunk. And if he goes with Jake, again, more power to him.

13th. Jake. I know some people have ragged on him for Mischele, and it's crap. Oh, no. In a perfect universe we live in, 2 people were disillusioned by each other and found out that life sucks and so do relationships. Let's crucify Jake/Mischelle for it. Boo, hoo, they're bad for what they did. Fucking grow up. It's not your business unless you're nosy, like myself. I have nothing against Jake. I've seen him be communal (And before Andy says it, communal with his bitches, gah, you suck Sahr). I wish some people didn't have a negative view on him because of Misheile, and no, I don't know how to spell her name. If he runs off after this, I will see him again in 2 years or so.

14th. Mishiele. While sometimes, the tone of your voice is grating on my ears, (it's not your fault, my hearing sucks), on the other hand, having a crackhead in the house is nice. If Phil wants you to come to a commune, we'll have to see what everyone else thinks. And we really need to get together in a bitch fest to do so. I'll moderate the whole shebang, including suggesting people shut up so others can speak.

Fifteenth. Schmoo. He needs to decide where he's going, and if he's going to texas anytime soon... and if it's all right, if we can use his background/credit to get the place.

16th. Andrew. You suck, get a job. We can go with Schmoo to monopolize UPS this Monday, and check on the casinos, so drop by with Wintermute. And for god's sake, if you're billmeister again, we're having a second, the only reason people look past my no-jobby is because you, sir, are the champeen, and I bow to you for it. If you're coming, then we need you to come join the bitch fest.

17th. Will. It's said he wants to come, possibly, maybe, if it's okay. Again, it's everyone's vote.

18th. Cody. That fuckhead needs a job, but if he can, he'd like to go with the core Ruinists if at all possible... but it's not. At the best, if we wanted to have another RC1 roster, we'd have Chris, Joy, me, Pud, Billy, Scott... what about Scythe? Schmoo? The other 9-900 people who need a place?

In your replies, please indicate a good time to get everyone together about this. And do it now. I'm all for living with people, I can ignore most of your crap. But this bickering is annoying. We can set a RC meeting and get it all out if need be... no leaving, no getting pissed and storming out... in fact, if you leave the fucking meeting or don't show up, you can be considered to have voided your say and your want to live with either the chris/joy splinter (dubbed RC 4.2), RC5, or the Kaly Konglamerate. So let's get a date people, we have a month or 2 left.
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ruinism.... religion? philosophy? social clique? exclusive club? weapon? [09 May 2002|01:39pm]

[ mood | compassionate ]

You know, this subject gets brought up quite often, but i don't think i've ever put in my opinion on it.

A long, long time ago, in a commune far far away, a young curly haired blond kid once said, and i paraphrase, "All a person really needs to do to be a ruinist is call themselves one."

Literally, anyone could be a ruinist. People used to ask pud, myself or someone if they could be ruinists, and the usual reply would be "sure. just be one." Be intelligent, rise above humanity, share the sunny d and pepsi. Almost everyone who visited rc1 was ruinist; anita, chibi, kaly.

We had a pretty good philosophy, some would even say religion.

Rc2. Similar story, different venue. Sometime near the end of rc2, the phrase "ruinist affiliate" was first uttered. I don't remember who coined it, or how it came into use or why it continued to be in use, but on that day, we became exclusive. We ceased being "ruinists" and became "The Ruinists."

I guess we had a pretty cool clique.

Flash forward to rc3. We had made it quite some time, and still no one in their right mind had to be 'voted into' our philosophy, i mean, clique. There were even people who didn't follow our belief system living with us. Travesty that. Luckily, by the time rc3 died, no one living with us wasn't one of us. Kaly and chibi and anita had been downgraded to a ruinist affiliate, (which is a term given to those allowed to associate with us, but not share our philosophy, err, i mean belong to our clique, err, i mean fail to be voted by a proper majority of the quorum as per article 2 subsection 14 paragraph 2(b)), and tim had become a ruinist affiliate, then a ruinist, then an affiliate again.

Hmm... our exclusive club seems to be heading for the worse.

Flash forward to today. Terra makes a pretty positive post in this forum, and it is immediately met with hostility from the Her Or Us crowd on the rights of tonya to live with friends over the rights of the few who don't like her having to tolerate her when they visit. Yes, visit. Short arguments ensure, a few themes seem quickly apparent: "hate her or be against ruinism", "foo is not good enough to be considered a ruinist", "you don't agree with me, you must not be a ruinist, which I am by the way."

My, what an weapon we've forged.

Well I say fuck all that. Fuck membership, fuck ranking, fuck "ruinist affiliate" and fuck using the word ruinist as a weapon to hurt and divide others.


If this is what ruinism has become, I renounce it. I don't want it anymore.

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i don't care about any fucking monkeys [08 May 2002|09:30pm]

lesse... pud, cody, me, schmoo, skithee, jake, michelle. that's what's left of the RC5 roster, i believe. seeing how scott and billy are apparantly going to be moving in with mr-making-something-of-himself (good fucking luck) chris and joy, i say that tonya is more than welcome to join our ranks. and chuck too. and rich.

the more money makers we can get back into our ranks, the better. although, i don't really care too much if/who has jobs. just so long as we collect together the money for rent. all shall be welcome, for we are Ruinist, and those who are with us are Ruinist.

we're gonna do this, people. i say we will.

viva la resistance.
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RC5 [06 May 2002|11:36pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Ok, so people are asking and i'm telling why i'm not going to RC5.
There are actually multiple reasons, and please everyone don't take offense because absolutly none is intended.
First off, I want to live with Varient very badly. I love her more than anything else in the world and I'd like to spend as much time with her as possible. With this said, I was thrilled to hear her father is allowing her to move in w/ me, yet taken aback by his refusal to allow her to move into the commune. He has his reason and every right to disapprove of her moving in somewhere he doesn't want. That's all there is to say about that.
Second off, no one really tries at the commune, no offense but I've been searching for a place and been requesting many things of people that aren't just "good ideas" they are necities. It's been how many months since we started talking about moving and we are still unsure of who is going? The worse part is, when i live in the commune i'm the same way, and i don't want to be like that again. Once again, no offence. I want to be something in life, i want to live on as long as possible and when/if my end comes i want to look back on my life and see something i'm proud of, something that i accomplished besides just having a good time. I've lived in the communes and such for many years, and even my year out of the commune has yielded nothing but me holding down a job for almost a year. Which is just something i was never able to really accomplish while in the commune. I NEED to get my self togather and go to college. I NEED to get my certifications, i NEED to do something with my life. I don't want to be 40 years old still delivering pizzas. I don't want to be my ex stepfather. I NEED a monkey!
With those both said, i need to know who is going and what is happening?
Who are Varient and i Housing? Is Outis living w/ us? Where can you live Outis? Can you get a job and make enough money to pay for the place?
Have you guys filled out the apps yet? (No, when i was there they were untouched and that pissed me off. Fill the fucking things out even if you are unsure of the move or not, at least we can get it into progress!)
I'm tired, i'm not moving and i'm still the only one (plus varient) making an effort into moving. You guys are moving in less than a month! Do you have jobs? Do you know where you are going to get jobs at? Do you have money to pay? Do you know if you will have money? Do you know? I'm just so tired. Please you are all my friends, please do something. Be productive! PLEASE!

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READ ME.txt [01 May 2002|02:05am]

[ mood | busy ]

I adress this on LJ because it is the easiest way to communicate to almost everyone at once (w/ the exception of PUD, please someone make him read this). If anyone has any legidiment (fuck spelling right now) reason why they don't want this on LJ, then tell me and i'll remove it. However, i can not forsee any reason so here i go.

As it stands there is currently 1 month or so, left on the lease at rc4. The communication betwits the rest of the Ruinist is less than poor, I still have no definitive list of who is going and who is not. I do however have a list of people who want to go, and can live with each othere with almost no problems (almost = 99.9%).
These are the ppl i am absofookinlootly sure want to, and can, goto RC5. Also they are people who get along with the entire list.

Pud, Killen, Tesla, Outis, Varient, Xellinus (ME!), and XtraTerra.
I have not listen Skithee or Foonix for 1 reason, while i know they will live there fine, i'm not sure to their position as to going.
TO FOONIX: Are you going back to Texas? Please don't, I know if you try harder (not just monster.com'ing it) to find a sys admin job, you will find one. Please stay!.
TO SKITHEE: I've heard rumor and hearsay to lead to you living back at home with Christabelle, just rumor, but strong enough to make me confused. Please clearify if you are still going or not. We really want you to come! Please!

Please reply with your feelings and ideas, i need a list and it has to be absolute. I'm trying to keep the number down so everyone can live well (Outis can not live with too many ppl, his parents (wether he lies or not, maybe he doesn't want to, i dislike lying to my mother) will cut his tutition of he defies them, but he REALLY wants to live at RC5.)
I also would personally like to keep the numbers down. Just because we like our friends a lot doesn't mean we have to live with ALL of them, esp. the non ruinistic ones. Lets try not to flood the commune with too many ppl this time? It's just a suggestion tho.
Ok so tell me, if i don't get a full and final list soon, i'm assuming the previous 9 (Pud, Killen, Tesla, Outis, Varient, Xellinus (ME!), and XtraTerra, Skithee and Foonix)
Personally i like that list.

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[03 Jan 2001|01:23pm]

This post is intened to have people speak on thier thoughts as to people coming and going from RC5, the upcoming.
I'll begin by replying to my own post.
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1.61803 39887 49894 84820 [05 Apr 2002|04:37am]

Alright, ruinists... whomever is expecting to move into RC5 needs to say something, and it would bne nice if we could talk about who's coming and who's going. This means get off your asses and get to RC4 this weekend, or post when a good time for everyone to get toghether anf have a knock down kill all talk/banishing. Yes, I already have opinions about people, you all should know this. I will have my say as well as every other ruinist as soon as we meet.
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[19 Mar 2002|01:50pm]

There needs to be a filtration system for people allowed to live or stay at the commune.
Yes, I'm still pissed at Gary... I love hearing him call andrew an idiot and a moron, yet if Andy shows up, he'll say "Andy, what is up my friend?"
What a fucking friend.
We need to do something about people whom use the commune.... and I know it doesn't sound communal, but I'm tired of seeing people go home to eat and come back and go "Oh, communal soda! It's all you have! I DRINK! Yay, I don't have to give anything back, let me wipe my mouth off and use your dsl and electricity! I'd still sleep and eat here if I wasn't yelled at! Free free free!"
I want to live for free. But I have to go look for a job, to support the commune and it's leeches.
If you ask to stay, I'll say it's fine. If you need food and the commune has it, I'll say fine. If you assume communal means "I didn't pay for a damned thing for the past few years compared to what they put into me and what I take.." then fuck you. You need to find another group of friends to mooch off of.
Whatever happened to "You get to live 1 month free at the commune as a guest, then we charge you rent?" What the fuck happened to that? I thought that was drawn up in RC3.
I'm tired of hearing loud, boisterous people announce everyuthing they do, bray laughter out loud, have their computer volume up very loud, and read aloud everything they read off a webpage, and when they sleep here, bitch that people woke them up on the couch when they don't snore.... after they didn't ask to move in.
As soon as Kaly gets back, I'm calling a communial meeting about wether or not some people as guests can stay or not.
And since the guests affect everyone in the commune, it WILL need a full agreement vote for them to stay. Otherwise, they go. I give a shit if you like them, go visit them.
Eat their food, make noise, take their rescources, talk about your friends behind their back about them.
Go leech off them for months to years at a time, give hardly nothing in return, take take take when things are given, and bitch about it.
If Gary mentions that he needs my motherboard that he probably fucked up to run his Duron one more time, I'm sticking his chip in his eye and telling him to solder it into place, like he did with andys'kalys'other people's playstations without asking... nice job, you fat fuck. Way to break even more shit.
Gah. And again, I am bitching here about it, because if I bitch to him out loud, others will tell me to be quiet, so nothing gets resolved, nor will anyone know what other people are thinking because it may offend them.
Screw that. We need people to talk and tell us what they think, or else we become even more introverted as individuals, and nothing will get done.
Speaking of which, I'm going to clean the kitchen and go job hunting.
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[17 Mar 2002|10:04am]

I know I haven't posted in a while but then again, I haven't felt like bitching to a large group of people.
I still consider it unfair that someone live here for free and I get told to stop yelling at them, because they don't like seeing friends fight. If it comes down to it, I will not be the friend of a leech... I was also complaining when Slay did it, and Hayden, and Anna, all having not paid rent. But nobody has done it for as long of a stretch as Gar, whom moved in without asking. And if I hear another comment from him about "Oh, I'll turn this down, wouldn't want to offend Cody and his good ears" I'm going to unhook him from the network, take back my hard drive and cd burner, burn everything he has on his hard drive to cd's, pack his stuff, take his desk outside, and put a happy note that he owes just as much rent as everyone else, would you pas as soon as possible before coming back, please.
I don't give a shit if you come here and crash. I don't give a shit if you do it weekly or daily... but for god's sake, give something back to the commune that isn't pissing people off, or don't assume you can live here... If you are going to be in the commune, then you will have to be communal, and that's more than you coming over and stealing people's beds, all the change from dimes, change from Billy's desk... maybe people need to eat as bad as they need to smoke.
I would say something again to gary, yet I will be told to stop talking to the commune leech. Because people like us being down and out. ZI would prefer that the people whom visit or live here have some sense of being a commune and living communally. NOT coming here as a place to download at a better speed and be loud and discreetly insult the people whom live there because they asked you to turn something the fuck down... for god's sake, he can't talk without being heard in the kitchen, while he is smoking upstairs... comparatively, Pus id about 08% as loud. And this is Pud, who's laugh can be heard for miles, but usually doesn't spend every moment of every day laughing out loud as loud as he can.
I know I'm going to have people reply that I'm being a bastard. It's my fucking job, people. Suck it up or get a fucking spine and tell people you dislike them yourselves.
Jesus Fuck.
And another thing. Do some dishes. I'll continue taking out trash. Thank you.
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...^2 [20 Feb 2002|06:10pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

ok, for now, everbody ignore the last post... the last post was divinus's attempt to "subvert us all to all out communism..." what we turned it into was "andrew's plans for the nazi commune." i do not think twenty plus years of capitalism will be explained out of us, especially not on some one else's decision... and i even see problems with andrew's communusm-subversion plan... enticing us with the things we could buy with all the extra money, instead of enticing us with how much we would enjoy living with each other. that's capitalism. quoth pud "not even andrew lives up to his rules." according to other members of rc3, he did not always adhere to the rc3 chore list; his job habits are similiar to cody's... the problem with this? nothing. we're supposed to live to enjoy living, not to follow some set regime. andrew has several good points, but there is no way that they can all be put into affect immediately... and there has been no consideration of everybody else's opinions... the great thing about a communist society, is that it is also democratic. we should be looking out for each other and helping because we want to better our lives, not because we'll be punished for not following rules... we're not communists... we're anarcho-communists--and you want to give us a list of rules!? threaten to punish us!?

it is to laugh.

things that i find feasible for rc5. feel free to comment and amend.Collapse )

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... [20 Feb 2002|05:43pm]

[ mood | productive ]

This is a basic charter for what i consider a well working commune that actually practices communism. With all my love for the communes, they are misnomers. "Ruinist Apartment X" would be far more accurate titles.


1. Every person must be employed at all times with no less than $840 gross income per month.
This breaks down to:
40 hrs/wk at $5.25/hr
35 hrs/wk at $6.00/hr
30 hrs/wk at $7.00/hr
25 hrs/wk at $8.40/hr
20 hrs/wk at $10.50/hr

2. All pay cheques and income will be forfeited to the commune. At the end of the month fifteen per cent of the per capita income will be given as an allowance to the individual.
This should equate an approximately $100 or more per person per month. The remainder will be put into a communal fund to be spend by the commune for communal items.

3. Meals will be prepared twice a day on a communal basis, additional foodstores will be available for miscellaneous eatery. This will cost the commune roughly $30 a day, or $915 a month.

4. Rent and utilities will be deducted from the communal fund. Depending on housing and utilities, this should be less than $1200 a month.

5. Chores will be created and divied between members.

6. There will be rules and they will be enforced.

7. Additional communal funds will be spend on things to better the commune, not the individual per se.


1. This one is a basic tennant. There is no reason why ten people should have to scrape together money and borrow from each other at the end of the month to pay rent. Rent represents <15% of a minimum wage income potential. There is no reason anyone should be unemployed. They either contribute to the commune or they detract. This tennant will mean that in a commune of ten, there is $8400 in gross income. (There -should- be that in RC4, easily. Its sick that there is not.)

2. Communes work better when they're communes and not apartments with ten roommates. Plain and simple. A smoker at rc4 will pay for a month for cigarettes than rent in a month. This is quite disturbing. Research into nearby missourian communes reveals that the average personal allowance is $75-100. This would put our commune on the high end. W00t. The commune has -never- had a communal fund. Think about that for a second. As far as i know, there hasn't been a mass exodus to purchase anything expensive communally as a commune since the first $300 we spend in the first few days of rc3.

3. Food is the number one waste of income. A person will easily go spend $5 on food somewhere when in actuality for $8 ten people could eat a prepared meal. I think i made an example of this when cody and karen went to dennys one night and spend around $15 so the both of them could eat and I made food for the rest of the commune plus myself and annaliese (xell and varient might have even been there) for <$5. In addition, eating at the same time makes cleanup a lot easier (one full dishwasher load, all at the same time, nice clean kitchen because only two meals are being produced a day, instead of 20). Technically, it lowers utility costs also, but thats minimal.

4. Basic concept.

5. Rc3 had them, and it was in much better shape than rc4. A volunteer cleaning system just doesn't work.

6. This is one of the basic reasons why rc1/2 worked so well. They had actual rules and strong leadership and those rules were enforced. At rc3, no one really had to worry about being kicked out. At rc1/2, everyone knew that mommaxell and mommasahr would do it in a heartbeat. Everyone adhered. There was no fear in rc3/4. No fear means compliance was optional, and if the easier route was to not comply, guess what happened.

7. At the current calculations, a commune of ten will net about $5400 a month. RC4 would do this if they operated like this. The conceptual commune will operate like this. Oh yeah, this is minimum. It could be more. To give you an idea of what the commune could do with this kind of money in ONE month:

A bunk or full size bed with mattresses, pillows, sheets and blankets for every couple or pair in the commune, and a dresser for each person. (~$4470).
(I'd like to point out that right now, only two people in the commune have actual beds. Everyone else sleeps on an air mattress, the floor, a sleeping bag, a couch found in a yard, (some one which are named "defiler" with good reason), an old mattress on a floor, a couch in the tech room. And clothing, as far as i can tell, is a large pile on the floor near the front door and the bathroom that when people change clothes, they change into.)

A 132cm (52") massive high resolution television, a 550 watt home theatre system, a 3 disc dvd/(h/s)vcd/mp3 player,Two 4 head vcrs,a 32" television (for gaming),another 550 watt home theatre system (for gaming)</a>, a PS2,an X box,a dreamcast (no link cause they're out of production) (~$3280 so far), and 50 games of average price ($35) ($~5030)
(This -really- shows off what we could do)

A high end motherboard, 512MB of ram, a 1.4Gh cpu, GeForce4 mmx 440, 80GB hard drive. Oh yeah, did I mention that thats for -each person?- (~$5050)
(Okay, maybe -this- really shows what we could have.)

A very good used vehicle. Two average used vehicles. Entirely paid for.
(we could finally have a van and convoy!)

350 average priced new dvds ($15, $5200)
440 average priced new books ($12, $5280)
150 average priced new video games ($35, $5250)

170 cartons of cigarettes (1700 packs, 34000 cigarettes) ($5270)
People buy cigarettes by the pack. Yeah, this is a horrible waste of money in the first place, but if we actually wanted to, we could be smoking five packs a day -each-. Or the smokers of rc4 could smoke 20 a day, yeah, thats 400 cigarettes or 25 a waking hour)

Half a down payment on a 50 room hotel. (Which could be -completely- paid for in three years, technically. Most of our parents have 10 year loans on their 3-5 room houses.

Or, god forbid, it could be -saved-.

There could even be capitalist festivals, where everyone gets a 100% return of net that month and everyone gets to spend $630 right off and realise how much money they actually -squander- in a month.

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RC5 [19 Feb 2002|03:08pm]

So the planning hath begun. Varient and I have started looking and found several prospective apartments, all in nice locations and all with plenty of space. For instance, 5 bedroom TownHouse - $810 / month 1800sqft Trilevel (no basement tho =( ) Located Here This would be something nice, but i would like to cut the occupants down to 10 people. Which shouldn't be a problem. I'm thinking 2 people to 1 room, no more. UNLESS you /REALLY/ want 3 people, but this must be arranged ahead of time, so room arrangements don't get fooked. So lets start discussing these things, and rules. A few propsed rules are mostly standard (1) No smoking in communal areas (I would highly prefer no smoking indoors at all, I'm sure we can buy a overhange for the porch to keep out rain and all, and even a heater) (2) Once a chore list is drafted and approved (once we know floor plans and such) Stick with the chores, keep a clean commune. I'm fucking serious. This includes rinsing your dish off and putting it in the dishwasher, making sure you areas are clean and taking off the shoes before entering carpeted areas. If you /REALLY/ need filth, go dirty your room =) (3) Keep YO JOB! If you hate your job, stick with it for a little while longer till you find another job. You should be able to find another job in under 2 weeks. It's amazing what we could afford if we all kept our jobs and pitched in a bitch For example. This is a nice TV for us to hold our SF vs SNK tournies and other such console madness on Open my ass in a new window That's 80/per person (in a 10 person commune) That's about 1 days worth of work ppl. (Std 8 hour shift 10$/hr) Also, if we have have similar schedules. Which we kinda do. We can all just commune shop, get a set standard of food items and FEAST every day. Some nice mega commune food. AND SO MUCH MORE! so let's draft up some more info guys, gimme some feedback. Let us make RC5 the BEST DAMN COMMUNE EVER! (P.S. I just rolled a 17, add my cha mod to that is 21, please roll your will roll against my charisma check =) ) MOOOOO
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[14 Feb 2002|05:22pm]

Naming conventions, and suggestions hereto that will be adhered to by myself.

I'm going through my personal files and mp3's to make sure they'll be all right for the new hard drive that is being made, should it ever arrive.
And I was thinking long and hard on a naming convention, that should be used for the raid mobos I have waiting for use to shove files into, in a ORDERLY fashion.
So, naming.
For the filename of an Mp3: Example.

Enigma - The Screen Behind The Mirror - 11 - Silence Must Be Heard.mp3

1) Name of band. Needed.
2) Name of album, so sorting can be done by albums within one Enigma directory. Also, as punctuated/spelled on the original cd. If lowercase cd name, the lowercase filename. The filename will try to be as accurate to the artist's labelling of their own work as possible, not a convoluted system of sorting.
3) Track number, in a 00 format. So the tracks will order themselves within the album listing. Also, due to Windows inability to sort 1 and 10 correctly (i.e., list shows 1, 10, 11, 12) we will have a 0 before the digit of single digit numbers. so 01 through 09 it is.
4) Name of track. As punctuated/spelled on the original cd. Lower case is spelled lower case, not a convoluted system of sorting.
5) .mp3 is needed for the file to work. Unless you have extensions turned off in Explorer.
Notes: No underscores needed, as it makes the filename look bad to the eye. Special cases such as The Beatles will be labelled with the in the front of the band name, as they wanted it. If this results in a large The *.* directory, so be it. The artists will be labelled correctly.

ID3 tag.

Enigma - Silence Must Be Heard

1) Name of band, Capitalized.
2) Name of song, Capitalized. After a dash, put in by Winamp.
3) Alt + 3 ID3 tag filled out correctly. Title, Artist, Album, Year are important, Genre is so loosely defined (unless Primus) that it should be ignored.

Other notes: If D.H.S. did the song, yet Klubbheads is merely covering it, then it is a D.H.S. song being covered by Klubbheads, and will show as:
filename: D.H.S. - Klubbheads - The House Of God (Holy Noise Remix).mp3
id3 tag: D.H.S./Klubbheads - The House Of God (Holy Noise Remix)

If both groups worked together at the same time on such song, then we will have the following:
filename: David Bowie & Trent Reznor - Little Wonder (Remix).mp3
id3 tag: David Bowie & Trent Reznor - Little Wonder (Remix)

Any other points-suggestions, feel free to comment, I want input of others on this.
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[20 Jan 2002|08:53pm]

Alright, people... I'm posting my timeline of ruinism, and YOU NEED TO POINT OUT ANY AND ALL ERRORS. this is from my point of biew, and will probably be wrong or skewed or perfect.
1996 winter
I arrive at Grandma house.
1997 spring
Met Chris at school, got rides.
Met some ruinists in school.
1997 summer
Was kicked out of Grandma home, living as stoner.
1998 new years
One of my clear stoner memories.
1998 spring
Came back to Grandma house.
1998 spring
Night school. Drunk. Befriended Ruinists more.
1998 summer
Went to summer school. Kicked out of Grandma house again, unofficially lived with Xell.
1998 fall/winter
Spider was evicted. Started living there. Pud came, too. RC1 formed, and the year of 1998/1999 was RC1, lan parties. Schmoo, Tesla, Xell, Anita, Pud, Killen living there. Neph, Jake, Kaly, Endrek, Terra, Scythe, Chibi, Guvnor, others (?) (1 year RC1)
1998 November to 1999 November
Dairy Queen. The first non-hostile Ruinist takeover.
1999 winter
Working at MCI. Burning of RC1. RC2 moving.
1999 winter to 2000 summer
RC2. Anadis, Xell, Pud, Killen, Terra living there. Visitors of Garzor, Tesla (Before Texas), Guvnor, Neph, Kaly, Chibi, Jake, others (?)
2000 summer
RC2 was left behind. Exodus to RC3 in a big yellow Ryder truck. 6 month original lease. RC3 formed. Xell, Pud, Killen, Anadis, Terra orignal occupants. Later, Kaly, Tim, Karen, Steve, Slay, Tiffany, Varient, and Anna lived. Visitors include Jake, Anita, Chibi, Neph, Katie, Guvnor, Scythe, Garage people (Hayden, Anna, Brian, Wookie, others (?)) Garzor, Jeff, Jenny, Larz, Matt, Coleen, others (?).... oi.
2000 summer to 2001 summer
RC3 reigned supreme. Wasn't able to renew lease. Terra/Xell/Anadis left.
2001 summer
RC4 founded. RC1 and RC2 occupied by at least 1 ruinist.
2001 summer through present
RC4 original occupants were Killen, Karen, Pud, Tim, Kaly, Steve. Steve moved back to Texas, may return. (He better.) Karen moved back to Jeresy. Schmoo, Tesla, and Michelle moved in. Gary has the Ruinist Living permit. (like Schmoo in RC1, Terra in RC2, Garzor/Anna in RC3) Visitors include Xell, Anadis, Varient, Anna, The Garage (Wookie, Slay, Ernie, Brian, others (?)) Jake, Larz, Mao Matt (From Convergys), Anita, Chibi... fuck, Clan der Garzor friends, Neph, Katie, Guvnor, Colleen, umm... others (?)
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Money concerns [24 Dec 2001|07:09pm]

I recieved a letter from the social security offices here in NJ and I'll be getting an increase in my checks every month. It's now at $576.12. So there will be no more complaints, difficulties, or what-have-you from me concerning debt payment. In fact, I plan on giving more than the requested amount.

The commune will recieve fifty dollars every other month, starting in January, from me to help with bills, the debts I owe, and whatever else is needed. Andy will recieve the same amount, also every other month, to help pay for the RC3 damages. If it's possible, Andy, I'd like it if the fifty would not only cover much of what I owe, but also cover those who stayed with us for a little while. It should be enough for that. If not, don't consider most of the money to help pay off my own half faster, but just to use to cover the others. I'd appreciate it.

Please, everyone, don't ever call me selfish again, not after this. I just had to be sure I had enough for myself, the things I want and need, and also enough to help with you all. I know this may seem like an excuse to cover my own ass and maybe it is, but what's it matter? Also, please don't leave insulting, flame-starting comments in my normal journal. If you have something to say to me, take it to e-mail. Thank you.
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RC3 payment workup [15 Dec 2001|11:54am]

[ mood | calculative ]

Okay... here is the workup for RC3 payments i've been meaning to do since september. Luckily, wynn_fae prompted me to actually do it. While some of the damages only apply to Wynn, Killen and Puds room, i've decided to assume everyone responsible for all the damages, but give an approximation based on the amount of time they lived there. I find it silly to nitpick over 3% of the bill.

Damges     = 1470.00
Final Rent = 1911.73
Subtotal   = 3381.73
Deposit    = -250.00
Total      = 3131.73

Final Rent breakdown:
  June Rent     : $730.00
  July Rent     : $735.00
  Late Fee      : $ 35.00
  Utilities     : $ 72.73
  Attorneys Fees: $339.00

For simplicity, i'm going to assume equal responsibility is assumed by all for all damages.
To do damage per time properly, the months and damages need to be divided into shares:

First we figure how many months each person spent there, and create a number of shares based on that.
Each person then is figured to be responsible for that number of the 79 share pie.
Then we apply the total damages ($1470.00) by percentage.
Now we figure in last months rent by dividing it evenly among the people who were there.
Now we subtract the initial deposit from the original founders ($250)
We then use our share system to determine percentages of monthy amount due, and use that to calculate how much is due per person based on a $100 payment per month.

Who       Months  Percent   Damages   Rent      Deposit   Total     Percent   Monthly
Killen    13      16.46%    $241.96   $382.35   $-50.00   $574.31   18.339%   $18.34
Pud       13      16.46      241.96    382.35    -50.00    574.31   18.339     18.34
Anadis    12      15.19      223.29      0.00    -50.00    173.29    5.534      5.53
Kaly      11      13.92      204.62    382.35      0.00    586.97   18.744     18.74
Tim       11      13.92      204.62    382.35      0.00    586.97   18.744     18.74
Xellinus  11      13.92      204.62      0.00    -50.00    154.62    4.937      4.94
Terra     4        5.06       74.38      0.00    -50.00     24.38    0.779      0.78
Wynn      4        5.06       74.38    382.35      0.00    456.73   14.585     14.59

TOTAL     79      99.99     1469.83   1911.75   -250.00   3131.58   100.001   100.00
ACTUAL    79     100.00     1470.00   1911.73   -250.00   3131.73   100.000   100.00
VARIANCE% 0        0.00   -1.156e-4  1.046e-5      0.00 -4.790e-5    1.0e-5     0.00

Secondary chart with completely equal damages assessed per person:

Who       Damages   Rent      Deposit   Total     Percent   Monthly
Killen    $183.75   $373.95   $-50.00   $507.70   16.211%   $16.21
Pud        183.75    373.95    -50.00    507.70   16.211     16.21
Anadis     183.75     42.00    -50.00    175.75    5.588      5.59
Kaly       183.75    373.95      0.00    557.70   17.786     17.79
Tim        183.75    373.95      0.00    557.70   17.786     17.79
Xellinus   183.75      0.00    -50.00    133.75    4.270      4.27
Terra      183.75      0.00    -50.00    133.75    4.270      4.27
Wynn       183.75    373.95      0.00    557.70   17.786     17.79

TOTAL     1470.00   1911.75   -250.00   3131.75    99.908    99.92
ACTUAL    1470.00   1911.73   -250.00   3131.73   100.000   100.00
VARIANCE%    0.00  1.046e-5      0.00 -6.386e-5   -9.2e-5  -8.0e-4
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wynn_fae/rc3... [15 Dec 2001|07:22am]

[ mood | irritated ]

divinus: did you by chance leave money at rc4 for the rc3 payments?
wynn_fae: When I left the apartment, I was stone broke. I'm sending out some money, not much so don't ask for anymore than that, but you'll get something from me.
div: all i ask for is 12.50 a month. thats about 2.5% of your monthly income. =)
wynn: *raises an eyebrow* And just for how long?
div: erm... approximately 19 more months give or take a few.
wynn: *looks at you from under my eyebrows* I should only be responsible for the bills that occured while I was there. Now I shouldn't be expected to pay for other peoples' fuck-ups.
div: currently it is split evenly over everyone who ever lived at rc3 and your amount looks like about $240. If it were recalculated for time spend there, and taking into account that only yourself and 4 others were there for the last month (which was double rent for being there without lease, btw), your share for the last months rent -alone- would be 298.40 before damages were calculated in.
[editors note: months are actually 29 and her share is approx 391 like everyone elses]
wynn: I'll give you what I feel is necessary. No more than that. I've given plenty into the commune. I shouldn't be harassed about it while I'm here.
div: as long as that covers 12.50 a month for the duration of the debt, i'm happy with it.
wynn: Like I said...you'll get however much I decide to give you.
div: uhh.. its not really negotiable since its a debt. You already agreed to it by living there. Its like eating at a restaurant. By eating, you agree to pay for it, you can't just say "i'll pay you whatever i feel like" when your bill comes.
wynn: There's no written document stating I owe you anything. My conscience won't be bothered by this much. I'll give you what I can. Be happy with that. I'm off. *moofs*
[editors note: cunt.]
div: erm... there is evidence that you lived there in that you had a mailing address there. walking out of the restaurant doesn't exactly work either. Especially when that restaurant has your aunts credit line in their control. =) come on, its 2.5% of your income. Of the 17 dollars you get to spend a day from social security, we're asking that you send 42 cents to cover your -debt-.
[editors note: its actually karen's credit line, not her aunts because of lease arrangements]
div: btw, duration is 29 more months at 12.50 per person per month and 3.97 per person for the last month. ( i just checked the paperwork )

This is a direct copy from the icq logs. Technically, we're asking her for a little under $400. Since she represents 1/5th of the rc4 lease, technically you could just not pay her share of the rent for the last two months of your lease and she'll be legally obligated to pay it. Hell, technically, you could not pay three months, or more! She should keep this in mind when shes hoarding her precious 42 cents per day she gets for free.
Fuck, Terra is paying, and she should technically owe much less than wynn, and she actually has to drag herself out to labour over it. Then again, Terra also has to pay for her future rent and necessities, unlike wynn.

I cannot understand how a person who does nothing, and has no living expenses could be so greedy, deceitful, and irresponsible about her DEBT, when the rest of us who have to labour for our meager earnings are so not greedy, not deceitful, and not irresponsible when it comes to our debts.

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Hail to the king, baby. [07 Dec 2001|03:19am]

All right.
Forget pissy squabbles, and everything else. I have something more important to think of.
The Commune.
The Timeline that Anadis has in his journal is a project that I will undertake like a madman.
The Ruinist Timeline project will now start. we will have a log file for Ruinism, so we have a history backing us up.
I'll start with what I remember, then ask all of you questions. If you would all write a nice short list of you remembering years and meeting people, that would help. Remember. the time you met someone, and the time you befriended them are different, so list them BOTH.
And thus, a crude Ruinist Bibble will be borne.
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Ruinist Timeline Firm Draft [06 Dec 2001|01:51am]

[ mood | mnemonic ]

Okay... This is a firm draft. It will eventually morph into the final draft, and i will edit it quite a bit.

Post additions or corrections! If we have more specific dates for things, please lets get them!


Ruinists Timeline

  Autumn              Anadis meets Terra
  September           Outis befriends Tesla
  Summer              Anadis meets Xell
  October     10      First Possible Founding of WoR
  Summer              Anadis meets Garylisk
  Autumn              Outis meets Anita
  January    ~18      Tesla meets Xell
  Spring              Xell meets Anita
  Summer              Anadis befriends Garylisk
  Autumn              Outis befriends Xell
  Autumn              Chess club founded
  Autumn              Xell befriends Pud/Outis/Tesla
  Autumn              Government of Ruin Founded
  December            Killen comes to Missouri
  February            Skithee meets Neph
  May                 Anadis befriends Xell
  July                Killen meets Tesla/Xell
  Summer              Anadis befriends Terra
  Summer              Skithee meets Tesla
  ?September          Religion of Ruinism founded
  September           Outis befriends Pud
  September           Skithee meets Xell/Killen/Pud/Outis
  Autumn              Chess Club II founded 
  Autumn              Neph meets Tesla/Outis/Pud/Killen
  Autumn              Killen befriends Tesla/Xell/Pud
  Autumn              Outis befriends Neph/Killen
  October    ~10      Anadis meets Killen
  October     31      Anadis meets Pud
  November            Anadis moves to 1930 Apt.
  December            RC1 Founded
  Winter              Schmoo comes to RC1, befriends Killen/Pud/Xell
  February            Anadis comes to RC1, befriends Tesla/Schmoo/Killen/Pud/Outis
  Spring              Terra comes to RC1, befriends All
  Summer              Pud graduates HS, Xell/Anadis/Killen decline
  Autumn              Chess Club III founded/disbanded
  October      4      Teflon meets Xell
  October      5      Teflon comes to RC1, befriends All  
  April               Skithee befriends Anadis/Terra, befriends Killen/Neph
  Summer              Outis/Tesla graduate HS
  May                 Skithee comes to RC1
  August              Kaly comes to RC1, befriends everyone
  August              Outis moves to Rolla
  November   ~20      RC1 Destroyed, RC2 Founded
  December            Tesla/Schmoo move to Texas
  Summer              Xell abandons Anita
  June                Kaly leaves for Texas
  June        15      RC2 Vacated, RC3 Founded
  August              Tim comes to RC3, Kaly returns to RC3
  August              Outis moves to Springfield
  September           Xell befriends Varient
  April               Wynn comes to RC3
  Summer              Neph/Skithee graduate HS
  May         15      Xell xfers from RC3 to RRC1
  June        15      Anadis xfers from RC3 to RRC2
  July        15      RC3 Abandonded, RC4 Founded
  August              Tesla/Schmoo/Mishele come to RC4
  August              Neph moves to Springfield
  November            Skithee comes to RC4
  November            Ruinist Springfield Embassy and Ministry founded
  November    27      Wynn leaves RC4

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Almost forgot... [02 Dec 2001|04:29pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

(sorry for brevity, i'm off to work.)

Five Years, Five months, (and lets just say) Five days ago celebrate the birth of modern Ruinism.

Five years, four communes, a lot of ruinists, and a million memories! Lets here it for Ruinism.

Hip Hip!

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these guys know us all too well... [22 Oct 2001|08:22am]

Ford has a thing for Peter Pan
Andrew likes to see others fail
Divinus gets aroused by [his] reflection

James drives over old ladies at intersections
Cody can't quite get that honesty thing down
Killen just might bite

Chris is rude and disruptive
Xell thinks [he's] God

Stephen laughs at others pain
Neph will never have sex again. ever.

Keith knows nothing about anything
Pud will do anything for sex

Scott can't get a date

Phil should gain a few pounds

Schmoo's gene pool needs more chlorine

and, of course, i shall do myself as well:

David whines to get attention
David thrives on being right
Terra isn't fond of thinking
Terra has a thing for gay men
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"I Am The Voice Inside Your Head" [03 Oct 2001|11:33pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

but i don't control you... if i did, i could have all this shit taken care of... i'm joking by the way.

ok, i don't live at rc4, so i just get to sit by and watch... but i won't do so quietly. i'm gonna offer my thoughts, my ideas, and my opinions. i'll do so honestly, indiscriminately, and without regard to feelings. why? because it gets more done. i'll go post by post, starting with kaly's post from yesterday, then the comments, and work my way up, discussing those that i think could use some discussing. it's gonna be lengthy, so i'll cut it, so that any of you who don't give a flying fuck and think i'm a moron don't have to be bothered by it.

phil makes an ass of himself hereCollapse )

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[03 Oct 2001|06:08pm]

Okay then. I'm not a resident of RC4, and a lot of what I'm about to say pertains to it. But I think some of the arguments being thrown around pertain to Ruinists and Ruinist Associates regardless of residence, and I'm a God Damned Ruinist [redundant?] so I'm going to speak my mind.

Some people seem to have failed to notice the "Commune" part of "Ruinist Commune 4" when they signed up and moved in. It is a place where people share what they have, supply what they can, and chip in with the work. "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." Commune does not mean "House of Public Goods." You can't move in there and expect to have access to all the stuff in there and keep yours to yourself.

Food. Different people have different tastes and different people have different amounts of money with which to satisfy those tastes. I think it's fair that if you buy something because it's something you love, you should mark it and people should respect that. But staples are a bit ridiculous to marshal. Rice and ramen and pasta are cheap as hell -- you probably lose more in change when you sit on a sofa than it would cost to feed a person for a day when it comes to this stuff. I think the residents of RC4 should pool money and buy communal staples. If you're hungry and can't afford anything yummier, dip into that. But by god, this is not a free meal ticket - it's communal property. Don't abuse that or you're fucking everyone.

Kaly, I love you as a friend and you're a sweet person, so don't take this harshly, but I really think you need to stop making this you and Tim versus everyone else. I wish Tim talked more and had a journal, because I'm quesy about his opinions being expressed through someone else, no matter what their relationship. Maybe you both feel everyone's ganging up on you two as an entity, but it sure starts off everything on a confrontational note when you talk about how "THEY" treat "US."
Cody. Fuck you all, Cody kicks ass. Want to hear what my first real memory of Cody is? My car blew a tire and I walked to the school. Sitting in front of the flag pole was Cody, who at that point I knew only as That Guy Who Sometimes Hangs Out During Chess Club. He not only gave me money to make phone calls, but offered to buy me a soda and help fix the tire. Not only is that above and beyond what you'd expect from someone whose name you barely know, but especially generous in light of how tight his money was. Recently, Cody gave me a new [and sweet as hell compared to the one I had] motherboard when the DIN on my old one snapped off. Gave it to me, free of charge, never even came close to implying I was in his debt. When I mentioned I need a laptop, he offered me one of his. Cody is more communal than a Temple Whore, which is about the way he's treated; fucked over and over.

Space. More people move in, rent goes down. That's the plus side to sharing a place. That also means that you're entitled to less square footage and privacy. Deal, or move out and pay more. It's not a personal thing, it's how much you're willing to pay versus how much you get.

I hope this helps and is taken as the opinion of a bystander who isn't impartial because he truely gives a shit. And if things don't shape up, I guess we'll all have to settle it in The Pit.
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Liquid Attention [25 Sep 2001|07:34pm]

[ mood | roaming floodlights ]

would _YOU_ consider moving to the upcoming ~~Seattle branch~~?
i'd like to start a discussion about the Seattle branch.
you'd most likely be living with me and divinus.

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... [07 Sep 2001|03:22pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Welcome rinae, orangerynd and varient into the fold.

A voice offers the idea that whisper would be an inappropriate addition. Please bring further comments to support or denounce this idea.

A moment to explain what membership means:
It means that (a) they are considered Ruinists for all purposes with all the rights, duties, and so forth and so on that it entails. It also means (b) they can make posts to the community. It also means (c) they have the ability to affect the way ruinism affects the ruinists because they are now a cog in the big clunky machine that ruinist beaurocracy.

Note that currently, -anyone- can read the posts and post responses to them. Hopefully, this might even draw some new people. Heute die welt, morgen das universun!

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new members... [05 Sep 2001|05:45pm]

[ mood | bored ]

As of yet, two others have asked for membership into the group. Those are rinae and orangerynd. I am neutral on the subject, but wanted to ask before i go adding everyone we know outside of established ruinists and those living at Ruinist Commune IV...

[ update ]

On the topic, i'm going to go ahead and add varient, whisper to the list. As this point, i am for the inclusion of all these noble citizens.

ps. thank you for not asking about the music selection, it was not my choice.

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... [04 Sep 2001|01:23am]

[ mood | working ]

First post!

Well, that done. I've decided to use my single auth code to create a Ruinist community. Its a little slapped together, but i plan to work on it some more. In the meantime, i've taken the liberty of adding all the ruinists with ljs that i know of to the community. If i missed anyone, of course, let me know...

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