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Ok.. since no one seems to be using this space for anything productive, I'll try to get the ball rolling. First of all, I'm starting to feel the strain on my budget caused by the storage building. Can someone please take as much of that stuff off of my hands as possible? It's costing me $110/month to keep what's left of rc4. If someone is about to start an rc5 that's cool, but I'm really trying to save money for a house. I expect it will take me about $10,000 for a down payment on a reasonably sized house that (might be rc5), and I'm paying $1,200/year just to keep a bunch of old ratty furniture around. If there is any way we can move it out or just trash it that'd help me out a lot.

Please reply with your opinions

I think a lot of the big stuff like couches might be disposable because people throw that kind of stuff away all the time. The blue bunk bed is still usable is still ok with some minor repairs (plywood works) but it's too big to fit in the K3 basement. All of the little boxes like dishes and stuff can go in K3's basement.
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