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Okay, for anyone i don't get ahold of in another way:

My mother and I will be appearing in the Circuit Court of St. Charles County in five days, the 17th of December because we are now being prosecuted for the rent and damages still due from summer of 2001 at rc3. It will be 2003 in a few weeks time, meaning this is a year and a half overdue.

Thats not a good thing.

I know this is holiday season and all, but now more than ever we -really- need to collect money from people on this, because the courts can order forclosures if we can't pay.

This means the Sahr clan could lose their house, the former rc2, because of a months rent and a year of damages at rc3.

Homelessness is kinda scary.

rc3 peoples:

At last count, I still owe $197.00 for myself and terra. I will take care of that with my last paycheque from Convergys.

Cody, you owe $457.00. I know your job doesn't pay much, but your costs of living are pretty low too. Please give what you can.

Kaly, $507.70. Like cody, i know your job doesn't pay well, you have few hours and you have rent and stuff. Please, whatever you can give.

Karen, $532.00. I don't know if you still read this or if you'll see this or not. I'm glad we're on good terms these days. I don't know anything about how your income is these days, but even $100 would help right now, or $200 or whatever you have. Eventually we need all of it, but maybe we can push them off if we pay half up front or something.

Pud, $445.20. I know you have solid long term employment and few expenses. I don't know how soon you'll have money, but the sooner the better.

Tim, $495.00, I know you're kinda helping to hold up some of KKK there, but as a server i also know you can make damned good money.

Xell, you only still owe $96.25, and you make a hell of a lot more money than everyone else here. (ie, you make that much in two days at work) And as sure as that Zaurus is in your hands, i know you have the ability to pay this, please help out.

HoR, KKK residents and Ruinist associates:

I don't know how many of you got to enjoy rc3 or rc2 per se, but if you can help out, maybe let the indebted people you live with borrow money and see if they'll get you back in the next few weeks, etc.

I'm going to be in court this coming Tuesday. I hope by then you guys have pulled together and gotten as much of this together so we can have something before the courts start ordering reposessions and forclosures.

Sides, you all know pat would be all bitchy trying to sleep in the snow, and Wah-Lee would play up to the old crazy homeless guy stereotype too well.

giki shijiki, all.
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