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So I gets a call back from Michael's craft barnery for an interview at 11:00 tomorrow, on the first. I might be going to Archon. I'm still tossing up wether or not I should move. To Kansas. I have barely any clue what I'm doing or wanting.
Spend a good chunk of last night talking about how much separatism the ruinists have suffered as of late. Things people did that started an apparent downfall, until we slid into the rut we ae now in. Granted, we can get out. But nobody cares, nor gives a shit. Let's all sit on our thumbs and twiddle them unto oblivion. Let's all separate ourselves until we only travel in groups of two, whom will snub their noses at others because "they don't like them" and would rather it stay that way instead of finding the root of such dislike and killing the motherfuck.
I would almost rather drop a place here, a job, and my friends and move, rather than sit here, work, and watch my friends divide and unconquer themselves into a bunch of people who use my listening ear to talk about how much they dislike X ruinist, rather than SAY IT TO THEIR FACE, because deep down inside, we're all still nerds whom got picked on in school one way or another, and if we're going to just chalk what we had up to huddling together for protection until we got out into "TEH WORLD" then fuck you all. I consider a lot of the people reading this a friend in at least one aspect, if not infinitely more. If I have something to say about you, I say it. If I dislike something, people tend to know. Hence, I'm a fucker, a bastard, a sharp tongue. It almost makes me dislike telling the truth, even if it is how I see it. At least I communicated. At least I gave half a fuck to say something, rather than draw lines. And I give a lot of you more credit than you deserve. Some of you aren't that well liked by the majority of our group. I still give you somewhat of a chance. Who the fuck still talks to you even though everyone thinks you fucked someone over? Who the fuck still fixes what you use the most even though everyone else would laugh at your lack of knowledge? Who the fuck else would buy imitation SPAM and leave it in the fridge until some hapless fool devours it during a fit of hunger? Who will sit there and play a game with you, even though everyone else won't, because you "suck the fun out of every game?" I'm sorry for caring in my own methods. I'll try to not do it in the future. I'll just snoop about, talking to hidden ears of how much I 'dislike' you and how 'bad' you ae/have become/have been/have done/will be. I sincerely do not want to be around for the downfall of Ruinism. We lost our will to do things together, like we used to. We lost our Commune, like we used to have. We lost everyone being fine with everyone, that flew out the fucking window real quick. Damned are we whom can't arise above petty squabbles.
See, now you people have me forgetting how to format my paragraphs, creating a run-on paragraph. How Anne Rice of me. But seriously. Think real hard before you reply, if you fuckers even care enough. Good luck to you all. We'll need it.
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