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o, woe ist me, I am nihil

Doing a nice Google search on "Ruinism" (I get bored, and like to see if it's in use elsewhere, and it is. Ruinism in Australia is the feeling you get before you know something is going to be ruined. How... true.) I found a nice LJ link.

My dearest friends and Ruinists: We have been given honors.
We're officially part of the history of the "Ljdrama" community. We should be proud of the fact that we're dramatic enough to make it into said esteemed community. Before some people *coughKALYcough* rant that we're being spied on or flames them back, read their community. We do fit the mold they have set. I suggest joining their community, as I have with my integernine account.

Big Brother Is Watching!
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