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All right.
I came back from Kansas to find a few things.
1) Pud is now back in a Ruinist Zone. With job. This is good.
2) Scott drinks enough to make Ireland proud.
4) MIschelle is gone. Why, I might never know.

Now, let's look a little closer at number 3, shall we? Shut up, this is my rant.
I wanted to have a place for the Rc4 stragglers to move into... and I came up with a small list of places. And asked, and called, and told people with cars to go check it out.
And what did I get for my trouble? The same thing Xell got when he tried to find a place for RC4 people... nothing.
But hey! Everyone is lazy and has settled down into their own places of seclusion. Everyone good party America!

Except for me. I leave for 2 weeks, and am suddenly begging for a place to stay and look for a job or do something to survive.
This sucks. And there will be those of you whom claim I dug myself into said hole, ha ha, you deserve this.
So what are my options? Feed off of the kind people whom stick out a hand until I get myself back up a bit? Or take the ever-popular Ruinist female of the month route, and leave without paying a damn cent? Hell, I only AM the ruinist debt, by myself. Fuck the RC3 damages, and whatever RC4 damaged may arise. Fuck the $200 phone bills... I owe people thousands. Collectively. To Ruinists, from money borrowed or loaned.
So I think I might owe it to you people to try to stick around and get you people back, but waking up to hear things like "You have a place to live yet?" is like being awaken at 3 in the morning and being asked "Why haven't you moved out yet?" and being asked it repeatedly until 8 in the morning.
From someone I considered a best friend 4 years ago. That shit hurts. If you don't want me taking up your precious space and time and everything, then tell me to get the fuck out.
That and the lack of food sucks a hard nut, but screw my hardships, I owe money.

I'm sick and tired of trying to get something together so I can be with my friends, then try to fix my fucked up life, only to be kicked in the ribs. I had most of you tell me to not stay in Kansas. Hell, schmoo's last words to me before I left were "Remember to come back."
If you people like me, then what the fuck?
And if you dislike me, then what the fuck?
I want to know if you people think it's worth my and your effort to hand around and try to pull myself out of this money hole I have here in Missouri. Or if you just want to throw your hands into the air and sue my ass, or whatever. Toss me into jail, something... thought that won't really happen, there's no evidence of any money owed. I'm trying to get something done because you people are supposed to be my friends. Fuck, if I was 5% as bitter and sardonic as you people accredit me, I would have left long ago, laughing in a stolen car as I smoked my Havana, lighting it with the blood money of the ruinists.

So the question. Who wants me to try paying you people back?
And who views this as another Cody attempt at trying to get a place to mooch off of?
Be fucking truthful, this is my life I'm wasting here.

Money owed (rough estimate, Livejournal aliases used)
Divinus: Nothing I know of. Please update.
Foonix: Nothing I know of. Please update.
Garylisk: Nada.
Kailei: I need her to tell me if I do.
Kalyandra: Nothing except for an update to RC4 damages and bills.
Neph: The sum of one (1) Nine Inch Nails ticket, and the sum of one (1) 386. If incorrect, he will correct me.
Popetorak: (laughs)
Pudicus: Around $750. I believe, Pud never gives me a direct number.
Reverendheresy: I need an update on RC4 damages and bills.
Skithee: Nothing I know of. Please update.
Sokotos: Nothing I know of. Please update.
Teflonspyder: Probably some sum of money. And his balls, but mine are missing as well. I blame an outside source for missing testicles.
Tesla: Nothing I know of. Please update.
Xellinus: RC3 damages, anything else, need update.
Xtraterra: Around $1,500. Was told it's not important, but it seems to be, since it's brought up a lot.

So is this pitiful debt-ridden wretch worth it? Find out, in the comments section!
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