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IN the beginning. Winter, 1998. There was a triad, that functioned as a group. With this proclamation, they drove out the impurities that was not them. The Spider was banished, driven far away with proclamations of godhood and hammers. After the leaving, then the Ruinists formed Ruinism, making themselves different from the rest. RC1 was formed.. the Ruinists thought they could not be without a Commune. A place for Ruinists to live. They would share costs, food, ideas, possessions... this would help the group grow, as new resources opened to everyone. Others would come. RC1 was in the basement of a house, belonging to the mother of Xellinus. The commune started with Pudicus, Killen Prophet, and Xellinus D. Ruin. They started in a room, then decided to move out to another, more open room to accommodate more people. Other people that came in included Tesla and Foonix, with Tesla officially living there, and Foonix having the Ruinist live-in license. This means you spend more time at the Commune than at your own home. The Networking began with RC1, branching off from a 486 and a 386 using 14.4 modems to an actual hub and 10 base NICs. RC1net was hastily built. RC1 had many a person and many a computer come through... Ruinists are very networkable people. They usually have all their files shared, no passwords up anywhere, and all of their computers, even if serrated, can be snapped into the network in a second. Ask most ruinists what their IP address is. They'll probably know it by heart, and some have everyone's ip memorized. Networking opened a new venue of sharing and entertainment for the Ruinists, and is something they still enjoy today... RC1 thrived for a good while.. the Ruinists enjoyed the first Ruinist takeover, of a fast food establishment that employed most of the ruinists at that time. At the same time. We took many liberties on that place, until... The fire. A fire ravaged a non-RC1 section of the house... and ousted the Ruinists. Xellinus was told he could stay, but he said he would rather go with the group... and Endrek Sahr stepped forward to give the Ruinists a "temporary" home for a month or two. The Ruinists living there included Endrek Sahr, Killen Prophet, Pud, and Xellinus D. Ruin. They had visitors, but not as many... and Terra enjoyed her live-in license. Six months later, the ruinists had enough money to get their own place, as they had promised Sahr's family five months ago. The location of RC3 was across the river, and so they went, packing their things into a large yellow vehicle. RC3 had a larger number of Ruinists living in it at the beginning... Terra, Xellinus D. Ruin, Killen Prophet, Pud, and Endrek Sahr. Later to move in was Reverend_Heresy and Kalyandra, Kaly being a RC1 visitor. RC3 enjoyed a obscene number of visitors and computers.. the network had upgraded to 100 base nics, and Monolith, from RC2, as a online box. RC3 had a good amount of space, so many people temporarily stayed, though Garzor had the Ruinist live-in license of the Commune. RC3, though, was slated to give way after 1 year, because of problems renewing the lease. So the Ruinists, having grown in number of occupants, packed up and put their things into RC4. Down the street, RC4 was the larges commune to date. 2 stories of nothing but communal/sleeping quarter areas. 3 bedrooms. RC4net flourished, switches were bought, computers were upgraded. Garzor still owned the live-in license. old friends from RC1 returned from the barren wastelands to join RC4. Original occupants were Reverend_Heresy, Kalyandra, Killen Prophet, WynnFae, Steve, and Pud. The number of occupants fluctuated, as more RC1 friends moved in... leaving the number of Commune living Ruinists almost equal to the number of out side the Commune Ruinists. The end of RC4. One month remained. There were plans for the KKK (Kaly Kommunist Konglamerate, or Kaly, Kaspar and a Korean), plans for RC 4.2 or House Of Ruin (HOR). RC5 was being planned out, but many occupants were fleeing RC4 as it sank. We lost a few ruinists as they left, the place was torn apart by controversy and hearsay. RC5 tried pulling in more people in the last month to make up for the loss, but it was bleeding and dying. RC4 may very well be the last Ruinist Commune, for all that the occupants know. Things were falling apart, tempers flared. Occupants waded through trash and filth to do their daily things. People cared less about the commune, and more about the monies that were owed to others. RC4 was not an ideal commune, generally sucking more than the first three. Hopes ran high, but hopes are all people here have. I have lived in 4 communes out of 4. I have racked up debt, made friends, made less of friends, then apologized and befriended yet again. I have given, I have taken. I have helped, hurt, hunted, held, heard, heralded. I have engaged in pipery, chivalry, smokery, drinkery, revelry. I have lost the concept of a best friend, instead replacing it with good friends. But, I'm only human. I want so much. I would gladly go to extremes if I knew that I died or was used for the purpose of having a permanent commune for my friends and associates. I would die happy knowing that. I don't know how many others of you share that sentiment, but I would do damned near anything to keep this going, but it seems that it has stopped. I have some offers from family to live with them. One of the offers is moving back to Kansas. The date I would move would be the same date as when the lease on RC4 expires. It's also the same timeframe that my brother wants me in Kansas for his wedding, and I will have a ride. I don't want to take it. It's the easy way out... have family pay my debts, never really get around to visiting down here. I would rather stick it out here. I have eaten very little in the past few months. I have had no real job, I have done nothing but leech and leech and leech. And it's not right. People are floundering over here. The place is going to ruin (no pun intended). We are losing people quick. It sort of makes one lose hope. I will take the last money I have, and use it to help in any way possible. if I had food, drink, or possessions that would comfort others, I would give them. I am near willing to pawn off a lot for more to help. We need boxes to pack things in to take with us. The commune is dying, and people have not much to comfort them. I try, but it's not working. We need to make a date for a final communal meeting, all of the occupants of RC4, with some exceptions that live in Jersey and Texas. We need to set a date and meet. if not, then I will assume nobody cares anymore, and pack my things, and leave like almost everyone else. This would make Pud the only RC member that has been through every commune, if there is another one. I don't care about any petty comments or any bullshit you can say to "make me feel better". That is why I will disable commenting on this post. If you have something to say, then come to the meeting. Come up with a date, Most of us are fine all day, every day to meet. This will force people to talk amongst themselves and make a date. The date must be before June 10th, however, as we need to start having things removed for the KKK people 10 days after. This is the end of my post. Squabble amongst yourselves, make fake factions, make war for all I care, I will leave. So will others. Or, have everyone join together, and we might see this through, past all of the stupid, stupid everyday crap we put up with from each other. We're better than that. I know we are. -Killen Treemont Covenant Prophet, Mezziah 3x3, of the Ruinists, reporting from Ruinist Commune Four; on Tuesday, June 04, in the years of Ruin, 2002. 03:54 A.M.
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