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For fucking fuck's fucking fucking fuck fuck's fucking fuck's sake.

Okay, okay... I go to bed hearing murmurings of this crap, and wake up. Sure enough, it's friends versus friends. Just what I expected.

I would like to point out that despite what I have done and what I have heard half of you have done, I could give a shit because you people tend to look past that, except for RIGHT NOW. If this turns into a friend versus friend argument, I will pack up quietly, call my grandmother/random relative, and leave you all to squabble... I'm tired of being neutral party and wishing things weren't as shitty as they are.

Sweet flaming Jesus H. Christ.

No lj cut to follow, forgot how, and quite frankly, I want you people to pen LJ and go "BOOM! Nine posted! BOOYAH!"

I will voice my opinions on this whole situation, and if some people are offended by what I say, then maybe you should say "Hey. Cody, whom generally acts like an asshole but does so in a joking manner, and usually is a fun person to be around because he is around his friends, is actually hating something I do. Maybe I should take a good look at what I say before it comes out and we have a rift between our friends."

First. Terra, if you are going to tell people who have been supporting you and cheering you on to fuck off because they have an opinion, then you can take your own fuck off advice. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but we really don't need this taking sides attitude right now. Your statements are the equivalent of someone annoying (like Gary) running around and yelling "CROTCH" really loud while people are trying to figure out where people are going.

Second. Tonya, I know many people have a hate/love relationship with you... and you are in the middle of a lot of things, I'm sorry to say.. people have split up in opinions for and against you. I wanted to remain neutral, but it's affecting my other friends, too. I can generally ignore what people do, because I'm just as bad, but... you lost the respect of Billy and Scott, two of the more forgiving people among us, and that says something. I know they aren't going to ever see you the same, nor be able to forgive you, and that puts a strain on people whom want to be able to have everyone around (i.e. Pud, and surprisingly, myself among others.) I wish it were different, but it's not.

Third. Neph. In an effort not to fan fire, please don't point out to Terra that "You're not living at RC4, which she promised to leave. Don't go assuming things about a situation you don't know about." Technically, you also are not living here, and I don't know how much you know about said situation... just a pointer, you gluteus tube of goo. I'm yelling at you for posting in this like it was a flame forum and we don't know each other. We're trying to get everything situated, and the more support, the better. And you are not a fat pope, don't go about declaring things sacred and blessed and excommunicated. Not unless you get a black pope outfit. Then we'll consider it.

Fourth. Scott. I know you and Joy need to finish college, and that it affects your living arrangements with your friends. But, you should ignore us until you get your own life situated, then when you're done, you can enjoy yourself more. I'm fine with the rut I'm in. I'd love to go to college, but hey. I suck. And what else will I learn about fixing comps? And this bickering between you and Tonya... we need to get everyone together and air it out, it's getting stale... I dislike seeing you get this pissed. It's not how you usually are.

Fifth. Chris. He is busting his ass to get a place, and we're fucking it up. His effort for a place he won't be at is commendable, and I'm glad everyone is seeing this. But for god's sake, the less people we have in RC5, the harder it will be to get people to be on the lease... right now, we have one. 1. Rich. That's it, out of 4 or so we needed 2-3 days ago. Chris wants to be with joy, and his friends, in that order. He has come across the river almost every day to see both without complaint or bitch, because he likes us that much. And we've fucked his credit (by trusting a Sahr with money, heh) and we're fucking his effort right now. Stop it. Each and every one of you.

Sixth. Richie-boy. Someone needs to register Rich on Livejournal so he can comment on this... he is all for his credit being on the line and getting a place with us. He reminds me of Scott before we spoiled his sanity. He is the highest ranked person that is not a Ruinist I would want in RC5, and I know that offends the lot of you.

7th. Kaly/Tim, or the entity known as Taly or Kim. Now that Chris/Billy aren't coming or are considering it, then I think the only person whom doesn't want her to come is Scythe. And sometimes, myself. Again, I wish everyone could cramp in, but it'd be easier on a lot of people if they separated, and we really need to figure out how said separation will go.] And I think you would agree with me,having a mutual dislike of each other half the time. I don't mind living with you both, except for some nitpicks, like Tim's chore refusal, and you're bitching versus talking, but then again, I look around and half-agree with your views.

8th. Billy. He wants to be with Scott, which is his choice, considering they are best friends. Hell, I'd love to live with the lot of you, having Pud instead of zany ass Chris is taxing on the logic sometimes, you red bastard. But I agree with Tesla in one respect: We need to get the commune with all of the ruinists, just like we all dreamed. And then possibly some others, SHOULD EVERYONE AGREE. none of this "I'm living here now, I'm a ruinist now, then I fuck up and everyone has to deal with it" bullshit. It usually takes one month or so living with someone before we see what they are like. Point in case, I dislike Gary's actions 80% of the time now, because he dropped on us for a month. I was fine with him as a visitor, but then he got way too annoying. If Billy wants to go to a small commune of people, then more power to him. And if there is room for two more, take Pud and Scythe, I'll deal with the other assholes with an iron fist.

9th. Gary. Please stop coming over only to use our inet and steal cigarettes. It's old. Go get a job, instead of hiding at the commune away from your parents.

10th. Pud. Someone needs to ask him where he wants to live, and someone needs him to read this trite bullshit. (Referring to the other posts, not mine, you bastards.)

XI. Casper. Eh. I'm neutral, but if he goes with Kaly, more power to him, I'll keep ICQ'ing you nun porn.

12th. Chuck. Bah, people. What happened to 1 month no rent? We're degenerating, that's what. Hard times equals we need money. I have nothing against him, except for singing loudly while drunk. And if he goes with Jake, again, more power to him.

13th. Jake. I know some people have ragged on him for Mischele, and it's crap. Oh, no. In a perfect universe we live in, 2 people were disillusioned by each other and found out that life sucks and so do relationships. Let's crucify Jake/Mischelle for it. Boo, hoo, they're bad for what they did. Fucking grow up. It's not your business unless you're nosy, like myself. I have nothing against Jake. I've seen him be communal (And before Andy says it, communal with his bitches, gah, you suck Sahr). I wish some people didn't have a negative view on him because of Misheile, and no, I don't know how to spell her name. If he runs off after this, I will see him again in 2 years or so.

14th. Mishiele. While sometimes, the tone of your voice is grating on my ears, (it's not your fault, my hearing sucks), on the other hand, having a crackhead in the house is nice. If Phil wants you to come to a commune, we'll have to see what everyone else thinks. And we really need to get together in a bitch fest to do so. I'll moderate the whole shebang, including suggesting people shut up so others can speak.

Fifteenth. Schmoo. He needs to decide where he's going, and if he's going to texas anytime soon... and if it's all right, if we can use his background/credit to get the place.

16th. Andrew. You suck, get a job. We can go with Schmoo to monopolize UPS this Monday, and check on the casinos, so drop by with Wintermute. And for god's sake, if you're billmeister again, we're having a second, the only reason people look past my no-jobby is because you, sir, are the champeen, and I bow to you for it. If you're coming, then we need you to come join the bitch fest.

17th. Will. It's said he wants to come, possibly, maybe, if it's okay. Again, it's everyone's vote.

18th. Cody. That fuckhead needs a job, but if he can, he'd like to go with the core Ruinists if at all possible... but it's not. At the best, if we wanted to have another RC1 roster, we'd have Chris, Joy, me, Pud, Billy, Scott... what about Scythe? Schmoo? The other 9-900 people who need a place?

In your replies, please indicate a good time to get everyone together about this. And do it now. I'm all for living with people, I can ignore most of your crap. But this bickering is annoying. We can set a RC meeting and get it all out if need be... no leaving, no getting pissed and storming out... in fact, if you leave the fucking meeting or don't show up, you can be considered to have voided your say and your want to live with either the chris/joy splinter (dubbed RC 4.2), RC5, or the Kaly Konglamerate. So let's get a date people, we have a month or 2 left.
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