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ruinism.... religion? philosophy? social clique? exclusive club? weapon?

You know, this subject gets brought up quite often, but i don't think i've ever put in my opinion on it.

A long, long time ago, in a commune far far away, a young curly haired blond kid once said, and i paraphrase, "All a person really needs to do to be a ruinist is call themselves one."

Literally, anyone could be a ruinist. People used to ask pud, myself or someone if they could be ruinists, and the usual reply would be "sure. just be one." Be intelligent, rise above humanity, share the sunny d and pepsi. Almost everyone who visited rc1 was ruinist; anita, chibi, kaly.

We had a pretty good philosophy, some would even say religion.

Rc2. Similar story, different venue. Sometime near the end of rc2, the phrase "ruinist affiliate" was first uttered. I don't remember who coined it, or how it came into use or why it continued to be in use, but on that day, we became exclusive. We ceased being "ruinists" and became "The Ruinists."

I guess we had a pretty cool clique.

Flash forward to rc3. We had made it quite some time, and still no one in their right mind had to be 'voted into' our philosophy, i mean, clique. There were even people who didn't follow our belief system living with us. Travesty that. Luckily, by the time rc3 died, no one living with us wasn't one of us. Kaly and chibi and anita had been downgraded to a ruinist affiliate, (which is a term given to those allowed to associate with us, but not share our philosophy, err, i mean belong to our clique, err, i mean fail to be voted by a proper majority of the quorum as per article 2 subsection 14 paragraph 2(b)), and tim had become a ruinist affiliate, then a ruinist, then an affiliate again.

Hmm... our exclusive club seems to be heading for the worse.

Flash forward to today. Terra makes a pretty positive post in this forum, and it is immediately met with hostility from the Her Or Us crowd on the rights of tonya to live with friends over the rights of the few who don't like her having to tolerate her when they visit. Yes, visit. Short arguments ensure, a few themes seem quickly apparent: "hate her or be against ruinism", "foo is not good enough to be considered a ruinist", "you don't agree with me, you must not be a ruinist, which I am by the way."

My, what an weapon we've forged.

Well I say fuck all that. Fuck membership, fuck ranking, fuck "ruinist affiliate" and fuck using the word ruinist as a weapon to hurt and divide others.


If this is what ruinism has become, I renounce it. I don't want it anymore.
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