someone (xtraterra) wrote in ruinists,

i don't care about any fucking monkeys

lesse... pud, cody, me, schmoo, skithee, jake, michelle. that's what's left of the RC5 roster, i believe. seeing how scott and billy are apparantly going to be moving in with mr-making-something-of-himself (good fucking luck) chris and joy, i say that tonya is more than welcome to join our ranks. and chuck too. and rich.

the more money makers we can get back into our ranks, the better. although, i don't really care too much if/who has jobs. just so long as we collect together the money for rent. all shall be welcome, for we are Ruinist, and those who are with us are Ruinist.

we're gonna do this, people. i say we will.

viva la resistance.
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