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Ok, so people are asking and i'm telling why i'm not going to RC5.
There are actually multiple reasons, and please everyone don't take offense because absolutly none is intended.
First off, I want to live with Varient very badly. I love her more than anything else in the world and I'd like to spend as much time with her as possible. With this said, I was thrilled to hear her father is allowing her to move in w/ me, yet taken aback by his refusal to allow her to move into the commune. He has his reason and every right to disapprove of her moving in somewhere he doesn't want. That's all there is to say about that.
Second off, no one really tries at the commune, no offense but I've been searching for a place and been requesting many things of people that aren't just "good ideas" they are necities. It's been how many months since we started talking about moving and we are still unsure of who is going? The worse part is, when i live in the commune i'm the same way, and i don't want to be like that again. Once again, no offence. I want to be something in life, i want to live on as long as possible and when/if my end comes i want to look back on my life and see something i'm proud of, something that i accomplished besides just having a good time. I've lived in the communes and such for many years, and even my year out of the commune has yielded nothing but me holding down a job for almost a year. Which is just something i was never able to really accomplish while in the commune. I NEED to get my self togather and go to college. I NEED to get my certifications, i NEED to do something with my life. I don't want to be 40 years old still delivering pizzas. I don't want to be my ex stepfather. I NEED a monkey!
With those both said, i need to know who is going and what is happening?
Who are Varient and i Housing? Is Outis living w/ us? Where can you live Outis? Can you get a job and make enough money to pay for the place?
Have you guys filled out the apps yet? (No, when i was there they were untouched and that pissed me off. Fill the fucking things out even if you are unsure of the move or not, at least we can get it into progress!)
I'm tired, i'm not moving and i'm still the only one (plus varient) making an effort into moving. You guys are moving in less than a month! Do you have jobs? Do you know where you are going to get jobs at? Do you have money to pay? Do you know if you will have money? Do you know? I'm just so tired. Please you are all my friends, please do something. Be productive! PLEASE!
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