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I adress this on LJ because it is the easiest way to communicate to almost everyone at once (w/ the exception of PUD, please someone make him read this). If anyone has any legidiment (fuck spelling right now) reason why they don't want this on LJ, then tell me and i'll remove it. However, i can not forsee any reason so here i go.

As it stands there is currently 1 month or so, left on the lease at rc4. The communication betwits the rest of the Ruinist is less than poor, I still have no definitive list of who is going and who is not. I do however have a list of people who want to go, and can live with each othere with almost no problems (almost = 99.9%).
These are the ppl i am absofookinlootly sure want to, and can, goto RC5. Also they are people who get along with the entire list.

Pud, Killen, Tesla, Outis, Varient, Xellinus (ME!), and XtraTerra.
I have not listen Skithee or Foonix for 1 reason, while i know they will live there fine, i'm not sure to their position as to going.
TO FOONIX: Are you going back to Texas? Please don't, I know if you try harder (not just'ing it) to find a sys admin job, you will find one. Please stay!.
TO SKITHEE: I've heard rumor and hearsay to lead to you living back at home with Christabelle, just rumor, but strong enough to make me confused. Please clearify if you are still going or not. We really want you to come! Please!

Please reply with your feelings and ideas, i need a list and it has to be absolute. I'm trying to keep the number down so everyone can live well (Outis can not live with too many ppl, his parents (wether he lies or not, maybe he doesn't want to, i dislike lying to my mother) will cut his tutition of he defies them, but he REALLY wants to live at RC5.)
I also would personally like to keep the numbers down. Just because we like our friends a lot doesn't mean we have to live with ALL of them, esp. the non ruinistic ones. Lets try not to flood the commune with too many ppl this time? It's just a suggestion tho.
Ok so tell me, if i don't get a full and final list soon, i'm assuming the previous 9 (Pud, Killen, Tesla, Outis, Varient, Xellinus (ME!), and XtraTerra, Skithee and Foonix)
Personally i like that list.
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